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Each category has been assigned two judges who will operate independently. We have also appointed an independent adjudicator who will oversee the judging process to ensure it is open and fair.

Once the judges receive your application form they will review it and give you a score. We will then add the judges scores together to create a rating for each applicant. 


If a business is shortlisted they will be visited by at least one of the judges. This visit may be announced or a mystery shop depending on the category.

Up to five finalists in each category will be announced at our finalists event in January. Our Awards Dinner will be held at the BIC on 19th March 2020 where we will announce gold, silver and bronze winners.


It is always great to win an award. The PR and marketing opportunities are endless. The awards are based on a very strict and specific judging process. All our judges will be trained in what to look for and how to score. This means that winning one of our awards truly is a spectacular achievement that you can shout from the rooftops.

Even if you don't win, we want to ensure that you get the most out of the process. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to network, but we want to make sure you get constructive feedback from our judges.

Each applicant will be able to apply to receive feedback from our judges. This can be an invaluable insight into your business and how you can grow and develop your offering.


To get answers on some of our most frequently asked questions, please click the link below.